Diamond Rings drops “I’m Just Me”

I just got out of four days of recording my first LP, staying up late into the night and coming home with electricity buzzing in my head. I didn’t really know what I was doing when I recorded my first EP in 2010, but with more ear training and composition, I am learning my way around analog production. Part of the process is research; listening to my favourite records for every sonic detail, every frequency, and then crafting something organic and unique. While the possibilities in sound engineering and audio are infinitely complex, sometimes it is gratifying to hear one single texture consistently throughout a song. Diamond Rings (John O’Regan, formerly of the band D’Ubervilles) achieves this magnificently on his new single, out this month from Astralwerks Records titled “I’m Just Me”. Plus, the video is insanity. Ch-ch-check it out Undertow.



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