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Hideaki Hamada

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

While furthering my booooooom¬†addiction this morning, I stumbled upon Hideaki Hamada‘s most recent set of photographs. The series, which centers around his son, is one of the most beautiful character studies I’ve seen in a while.¬†Here’s what Hideaki has to say about his latest collection:

“This past spring, my eldest son Haru entered elementary school. Every morning, I walk part of the way school with him. When I think that he’ll begin to say “I go to school by myself”, I’ll feel a little bit wistful while I hope for his growth. With this in mind, I shot those photographs. And I wonder if this is the past? or this is the future?, because I feel like getting back to my old self by this series”

For more check out his flickr-listed above