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Undertow goes to Folk Fest

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012


If you are secretly obsessed with us and live in the vancouver area, feel free to stalk us in real life at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival July 13-15th. Come on down to our tent in the community village and say hi; we’ll give you things. We’ll also be hosting a poetry and photography contest during the festival via Twitter  with daily prizes (ohh sounds fancy right?) so be sure to get your photographic eye ready and impromptu poetry skills sharp. Go buy a ticket- it’s awesome: great music, people, artisan marketplace, and millions of different food carts, all of which we would never dream of encouraging you to smoke something with a name like Purple Platinum Bubba (you know what we’re talking about)  beforehand for. God forbid, If we aren’t enough to get you down there maybe Ani Difranco, The Cave Singers, Dan Mangan, and Lucinda Williams are.