The team at Undertow is made up of university students based throughout Canada and the United States to create an inter-collegiate editorial board. At the moment, we are primarily working out of Vancouver, Canada and Los Angeles, California.



Hillary Eaton, Editor-in-Chief

Hillary lives and studies in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Vancouver, Canada she is still perplexed by each warm winter.

Theresa Craveiro, Managing Editor

Theresa lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and studied English at UBC. Or at least she mostly did, sometimes the rain would push her to stay home instead. Theresa likes to write poems involving dead trees and is still sad The Organ is no longer a band. She enjoys dark colors especially when they are made into gothic leg warmers and can give a wicked stink eye. If you ever feel like she’s giving you a look that says, “It’s not me, it’s you,” it’s probably because she is.

Joseph Goodman, Associate Editor 

Joseph is a poet and scholar based in London, England. He attended McGill University where his work was published in Scrivener Creative Review, Slant, Steps, and The Veg. He is currently associate editor at Undertow, and has recently published his first collection of poems, titled Era.

Past Contributors: Nathan Caddell, George Kovalenko, Adrian McCavour, Anna Meister, Genevieve Smith

A Special Thanks:

To everyone who has contributed and helped Undertow grow, and especially to Jeffrey Schultz.